A look at what we got up to in 2013

Hello! We had a great and challenging time 2013, and want to thank you for all your support and contributions as volunteers and as friends.  You can read a report of what we have done here. Our big highlights of the last few months of 2013 were: Seeing a new people’s kitchen emerge at Max Roach […]

No single stories – my experience of Tedx Brixton

A couple of weeks ago, The Brixton People’s Kitchen was invited to speak at Tedx Brixton, as part of their “Big Idea” sessions – 5 minutes slots for leaders of community projects to introduce what they are about, in between the “proper” speakers. Fan went and talked about the Brixton People’s Kitchen. And about her mum, and about […]

A little bird told me that it will be summer on Sunday!

So come and join us in Myatt’s Fields Park this Sunday for yet another feast cooked from surplus food, and, if you haven’t et done so, check out our newly built bike kitchen! We might also have some live music! Please, let us know in advance if you want to volunteer as a cook, or […]

The Brixton People’s Kitchen’s world tour! (Well, Brixton tour…)

So, we’ve built a mobile kitchen. Where are we going to go with it? Not too far, don’t worry. We’ll pop into different community venues, and here are the details. Click on the image to view it large! If you would like to volunteer at any of those events, for food collection or for cooking, […]