A look at what we got up to in 2013

Hello! We had a great and challenging time 2013, and want to thank you for all your support and contributions as volunteers and as friends.  You can read a report of what we have done here. Our big highlights of the last few months of 2013 were: Seeing a new people’s kitchen emerge at Max Roach […]

Guest post: The People’s Kitchen in Stockwell

This week, we changed settings once again, and visited a group of creative women from diverse European and African countries in Saint Stephens children’s centre in Stockwell. Here is what Leila, Community Development Coordinator at Stockwell Partnership says about the event: “After a lovely, sunny bank holiday weekend, I had high hopes of good weather […]

A lovely guest post from one of our volunteers: Adele

“I was delighted to discover Brixton People’s Kitchen a few weeks ago, thankfully just in time to help build the fabulous mobile kitchen. I helped out at The Remakery in April and really enjoyed the experience of being creative and making something useful for the community. The wonderful welcome from other volunteers has made me […]

The Brixton People’s Kitchen’s world tour! (Well, Brixton tour…)

So, we’ve built a mobile kitchen. Where are we going to go with it? Not too far, don’t worry. We’ll pop into different community venues, and here are the details. Click on the image to view it large! If you would like to volunteer at any of those events, for food collection or for cooking, […]

We are back to Myatt’s Fields!

Hello! We’ve taken a break in February to do some much needed planning and thinking about the Brixton People’s Kitchen and it’s been really great! So, with our new energy and a clearer vision, we’re all set to start the next phase of our ‘Mobile Kitchen’. Intrigued? I hope so! Please join us at our […]

Rice balls, Ginger juice and a Secret Sailing Club.

There are a few reasons why we are putting so much (free) energy into the Brixton People’s Kitchen. And one of them is the joy of when it works really well. Monday night brought us such joy, and most of us are still surfing on the wave of good energy that a wonderful combination of food, music […]

Bonnington Café Benefit Night – Monday 4th of March

Next week, a few of us will be cooking at the lovely Bonnington Café, a co-operatively run vegetarian restaurant, tucked away in the back streets of Vauxhall. The Bonnington started off as a squat café in the early 80’s, providing cheap and healthy meals to the local community. It is one of the projects that […]