Who can come to the Brixton People’s Kitchen?

We cook community feasts all the time and we cook for everyone. So everyone can come, either as a volunteer or as a guest. And, no, you don’t have to be from Brixton to come!

We hold events in public squares, next to allotments and community gardens we can pop up anywhere. If you want us to visit, just holla!

Who does come?

People into cooking, people into eating, people who like meeting new people, people who want to see what we are doing and people who want to see waste reused.

How often do you hold an event?

We cook every day at the cafe and in the summer  at least once a month, around Lambeth using our mobile kitchen, so we are popping up all over the place. Check this website or join our Facebook page to hear about the next event.

Finally, we are hosting regular pop-up fundraising dinners in various venues. That’s more like a proper sit-down restaurant night, for which guests pay a fixed fee of £20-30  – though this might vary from event to event, depending on the venue. These will help us to raise money to fund the rest of our activities, especially our free community feasts.

Can I come and help at the events?

Absolutely. Just sign up here

Can I just come and eat?

Of course! We ask for a small donation (up to you) and we serve up the food until we are done.

What kind of food do you serve up?

As we tend to collect the food surplus on the morning of each event, it’s hard to predict! The menu is improvised by volunteers on the day.

We cook vegetarian or vegan dishes, as the food we rescue tends to be fresh veggies. For obvious food safety reasons, we never use surplus fish or meat, and we buy dairy products and eggs fresh from the shop on the day.

If you are vegan or have allergies, do let us know – most stuff will be fine but better to be safe than sorry.

Isn’t eating waste food a bit… well, icky?

Fair question but, if you come along to help us cook, you will see that we sort through the crates of stuff we get given to discard stuff that is really on the turn. But you would also be shocked to see the amazing stuff that the food industry gives the People’s Kitchen that they are about to throw out. Most of it, with a careful sort through, a clean and some diligence, is completely edible and, hopefully, really great to eat once we have made into something fantastic.

Do I have to bring food going to waste with me?

If you have some carrots at the back of the fridge that you know you just aren’t going to use, please come in time for the cooking and bring them. The feasts aim to use everything we can find. But you don’t have to bring anything with you, except enthusiasm for food and good company.

Can I help in other ways?

Yup. We are always looking for people to help us out with promoting the events, coming up with new ideas etc, just get in touch.

You can also donate some money if you really like us!

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