Find out about what we do and why we do it

We think that sharing food with strangers is one of the nicest ways to spread happiness. And if the food has been saved from going to waste, it makes it even tastier. Inspired and supported by the wonderful People’s Kitchen (Passing Clouds, Dalston), we collect food that would otherwise be thrown away from local shops, markets and […]

Building the mobile kitchen, lego, the joy of making, and a call to play with your food

You’re probably 8 years old. It’s probably Sunday. Your mum invites your auntie for tea. Your auntie brings your cousin along. You find your cousin a bit weird, and you’re no sure what to say to him, but the adults talk about boring or difficult things, so you bring him into your room. You empty […]

Brixton People’s Kitchen – a short story

The one question that people attending our events for the first time ask most frequently is “when did you start and how?” So here is a little summary of our journey, one year on. 1. It all started in conversations. In Summer 2011, Fan was writing up her MA dissertation on local food, community, diversity […]