Volunteer with us!


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We’re looking for help with:

1) Keeping the kitchen rolling: A lot goes into organising a kitchen event, from preparing the venue to making sure that the mobile kitchen cycles into the right place at the right time. We need help big and small, from half an hour of washing up to welcoming volunteers or helping plan a whole event. We can offer some real experience in running a series of events, not to mention a tasty free meal at the end of it!

2) Finding food suppliers and collecting food from them – we love meeting local businesses and market stall owners around South London and connecting with them. Whether you get exasperated at seeing tons of perfectly good food get thrown away every day, would like to get to know great local businesses in your neighbourhood better, or want some experience in building partnerships – we want to hear from you.

3) Arts programming: we’re using the events to showcase music, art, theatre, film and much more besides. We’re planning to host events in locations ranging from art galleries to community gardens, so you’ll gain loads of varied experience. Do you know a band that deserves more exposure? Have an idea for a film showing? Get in touch.

4) Telling the world about us: marketing what we are doing to the local, national and regional press, blogging and getting the word out through twitter and facebook. We can already put you in touch with some great local groups and have some great contacts: help us use them, and find us some more.

5) Bike geek/fixer: It may surprise you to learn that we’ve never run a mobile kitchen that travels around by bicycle before. We want people to help us build it, and reckon we’ll probably need a bit of help with all the practical bits that come along with this. Would you be up for the occasional bit of help fixing a bike part or telling us why our stove might not be working – or more than this? Let us know.

6) Filming and photography: We want to document what happens as we set up the project so that other people can see how we do it, and hopefully do it again. From building the mobile kitchen from recycled parts and collecting surplus food from suppliers to the most important part (the food), there’s plenty that needs filming.

One thought on “Volunteer with us!

  1. Hi there

    Very keen to offer some regular time during the week (available after work hours Mon-Fri) to work in the kitchen or help ordering, sourcing, setting-up…etc.

    Am a passionate home cook who hopes to make food his business one day so eager to gain any experience I can.

    Look forward to hearing back from you.



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