It’s our birthday! And it’s Christmas too!

This month, we’ll be turning one year old, and we want to celebrate! So join us for an afternoon of cooking, repairing, swapping, playing, watching and feasting.

This will be an opportunity for us to thank everyone who has supported us: Myatt’s Fields Park, Italo, Malinka, Oval Farmer’s Market, As Nature Intended Balham, Best Before, Cooperative on Camberwell New Road, Trinity Stores, and everyone else who has joined our events.

We’ll be cooking from 2pm, and serve dinner at 6pm.The RESTART PROJECT will be holding a repair café, so bring your dodgy electronics for a fix!We’ll also have a pedal powered cinema, a clothes swap, live music and a Random Santa (bring an unwanted item from your home in a gift-wrapping to take part!)

Please, note that we won’t be in Myatt’s Fields this time, but in C.A.F.E, a great venue tucked away under one of the arches facing in Loughborough Junction station. We are asking for a £4 donation, to cover the costs of the venue.


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